Total Fleet Solutions, LLC.

Our objective is to help your fleet run more efficiently, whether it is saving money on a clean burning CNG vehicle or helping you build your fleet one vehicle at a time. 

TFS also believes in the future of CNG and what it can do for Americans. We will do whatever it takes to help ease the hold foreign oil has on our country and allow America to gain energy independence for today’s generation and all of the generations to follow.


CNG conversions done right.

Total Fleet Solutions installs only EPA certified systems that will not void or affect your factory warranty. TFS prides itself in being one of the premiere CNG upfitters in the state of Oklahoma. TFS is proud to offer: GM conversions by Auto Gas America, Ford conversions by Altech Eco, and Dodge conversions by NatGasCar. No matter if you have a fleet of 100 vehicles or if you are an individual that just wants to save on your hard earned money on an American fuel, let TFS show you how easy converting to CNG can be.



CNG Rebate

Oklahoma Natural Gas offers a rebate for your vehicle conversion to CNG. The following link will take you to the ONG website to get your rebate form. Take advantage of the money you can get back for making the decision to converting to CNG. Find out more

Current Oklahoma CNG Prices

Alternative fuel prices and fill stations for the entire US

US Fueling Stations is an educational website dedicated to spreading the message about natural gas vehicles (NGVs) and the benefits of CNG.

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Financing the future of America

Communications Federal Credit Union has taken the steps to become a leader in helping finance CNG for retail customers and small fleets. Read More